Flood Insurance

Open House for Newly Revised Flood Insurance Maps

People who live in Palm Beach County and its municipalities are invited to look at newly revised preliminary digital flood insurance rate maps for the county at four public open houses during the week of September 8th, 2014. Flood maps show the extent to which areas are at risk for flooding, and are used to help determine flood insurance and building requirements.

  • Monday September 8, 2014
  • Monday September 9, 2014
  • Monday September 10, 2014
  • Monday September 11, 2014

View Preliminary Maps
View the Flood Maps Announcement
View the FEMA Map Service Center Announcement
View the FEMA Flood Maps

Since homeowners or renters insurance policies do not cover losses due to flooding, the City strongly urges you to buy or continue your flood insurance to protect yourself from potentially devastating losses. West Palm Beach participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and Community Rating System (CRS). Because of the City’s participation in the CRS program, the residents receive up to a 20% discount on their NFIP premiums. Contact your insurance agent for information. Tenants may also insure their personal property against flood loss.

The average annual premium for this insurance is $250.00. The actual cost will vary depending upon amount of coverage and degree of flood hazard. We urge people who live or own property in flood hazard areas to purchase flood insurance to protect themselves from losses due to flooding. There is a 30-day waiting period before NFIP coverage takes effect. In addition, flood insurance is required in certain instances, such as the purchase of a home with a federally backed mortgage. (If there are no mortgages on your property, it is still advisable to protect your property with flood insurance.)

For further flood insurance information, go to www.floodsmart.gov

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