Special Needs Program

Palm Beach County has a Special Needs Program for citizens with certain medical problems during a major hurricane. The Special Care Units (also known as SCU’s) are facilities that have auxiliary power and are not located in a area at high risk of flooding during a hurricane. Physicians and nurses are assigned to Special Care Units by the Palm Beach County Health Department. Space is limited and based on need and established criteria.

  • Pre-register

    You must pre-register with the County Emergency Operations Center at 561-712-6400 and have physician authorization. Your eligibility will be determined by the Health Department.

  • You may be eligible if:

    • You are dependent upon electricity for oxygen.
    • You have minor health/medical conditions that require professional assistance.
    • You are dependent on medication.
    • You are immobile and/or have a chronic but stable illness.
    • If you are accepted, you will be phoned and provided transportation to the shelters if you need it.

  • You will need to bring:

    • Full and up-to-date prescription medications
    • Medical supplies and equipment, including oxygen
    • Books, cards or board games to occupy yourself
    • If you bring a caregiver, he/she has to bring a chair, something to sleep on, pillow and personal items
    • Please bring your own dietary food.

  • No pets are allowed in the Special Care Units

    Make pet shelter arrangements in advance.

  • Assistance will be provided for you

    If you are unable to return home, assistance will be provided for you. Food is provided.

  • Speak with a Special Needs Coordinator

    For further information about the Special Needs Program, call 561-712-6400 to speak to the Special Needs Coordinator.